#MCM Men Crushing Mondays…for Their Ladies

I’m all about empowering women but I admit I’ve been slacking in my focus of male followers. (Have I ever really focused on male followers? If not, my apologies!) In honor of #MCM (Men Crushing Mondays) I’ll be a little more man focused. If you haven’t already heard of the #ManDare, it’s all about helping the men in our lives improve themselves to become the best men they can be. More details can be found here.  Each Monday there is a new #DareOfTheWeek.  This week’s Dare is probably a personal favorite of mine… (Ladies, you’re going to love this!)

☆Treat Your Lady Like the Queen She Is☆

Yes, you read that right, guys! Take your wife, fiance, girlfriend on a date. Whether it’s that movie she’s been talking about, a fancy restaurant or a simple dinner and movie at home all planned and prepared by you!  Oh, you aren’t married, engaged or with a significant other? How about your mom, aunt, sister, cousin or neighbor? Every woman in your life deserves to feel appreciated.  If money is tight, remember it’s now about how much you spend but how much effort is put into making her feel appreciated and special.

Don’t forget to share her reaction as well as why she is so special to you on your social media platforms using #ManUp #ManDare #LivingLegendary. And remember this dare should be an everyday thing.  😉 

So, fellas, how are you going to treat that special lady this week? Share in the comments below!

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