Random Acts of Beauty

I realize I don’t take as many photos of my work as I’d like to.😒 Most times I’m on “Go” mode 🏃 and it’s hard to stop.🙅

Thursday evening this young lady, just 9 years old, sat in my chair and already had her haircut planned.💇 She had been growing her hair out and wanted to donate at least 8 inches to children with hair loss due to illness. So I measured, re-measured, tied it up, braided it, and measured again, just to be sure. ✔


Of course I didn’t take an after photo 😑 but the smile on her face was priceless.😊 To see such a young person act so selflessly was refreshing.❤

Two haircuts later, another young lady, 11 years old, had an image on her tablet of the haircut she wanted.  She had long hair, past the middle of her back. Seeing that she wanted it cut up to her collarbone, I asked if she would be interested in donating her hair. Her mother was surprised and thought she didn’t have enough length. I mentioned my client from earlier. So we measured. 9 inches.✔ This client was excited to be able to sit down for a new hairstyle, and donate her cut hair at the last minute, and her mother was proud of her for doing so.👭

Moments like these are why I enjoy what I do.💈 It’s not about vanity. It’s about helping others feel good about themselves, inside and out.🙆


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  1. Valerie Waters

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with your younger customers. They appear to be more opening to donating there hair for others than most Adults. I just love children they are so caring for others

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